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Flavors: customize SliTaz to your needs

Flavors are a customized SliTaz live CD-ROM for a specific:

A flavor file (*.flavor) holds all the information to build an ISO image in a few kilobytes.

This ISO image can be burnt on a CD-ROM/DVD or installed on an USB key with tazusb.

Online builder — Download your flavor file in 6 steps

Note: to build a tiny text based server, you can try Tiny SliTaz builder instead.

Step 1. Find the packages for your flavor using:


All packages should be found on SliTaz mirror ( But you can have your own custom packages anywhere on the Internet. Put your packages in a directory reachable from the Web by anyone and build the package index with:

$ tazwok gen-list --text

Embedded builder: Tazlito

The Online flavor builder cannot manage file access rights or advanced features such as private mirrors, meta flavors or non-free packages.

See the documentation and examples online.

In short: create a /home/slitaz/flavors/your-flavor tree with a receipt… and then run:

# tazlito pack-flavor your-flavor
# tazlito get-flavor your-flavor.flavor
# tazlito gen-distro

You have remastered SliTaz without using flavors and you have only an ISO image? This tool will create a flavor for you!

# tazlito iso2flavor your-ISO_image your-flavor

Example: build a flavor from the Live CD

The SliTaz Live CD flavor is called core. Get this flavor and extract it:

# tazlito get-flavor core
# tazlito extract-flavor core
# cd /home/slitaz/flavors/core

Install any packages you want, add or modify some files… Copy these files into the rootfs tree. Example:

# mkdir -p rootfs/etc/init.d
# cp -a /etc/init.d/ rootfs/etc/init.d
# cp -a /etc/dropbear rootfs/etc
# cp -a /etc/network.conf rootfs/etc
# cp -a /etc/firefox rootfs/etc

Create the packages.list file.

# ls /var/lib/tazpkg/installed > packages.list

Create the rootcd tree for extra files on the CD-ROM.

# mkdir rootcd
# vi rootcd/README.txt

Update the receipt and rename the flavor.

# vi receipt
# cd ..
# mv core myconfig

Create your myconfig.flavor file.

# cd
# tazlito pack-flavor myconfig